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Recapture your story and create a lasting gift that keeps on giving for you, your family and generations to come. We pride ourselves in creating professional video presentations that you can share with your loved ones, privately or to be screened at your special event. Your story is valuable and beautiful and deserves to be told.

Everyone has a story.
Choose from one of our 3 options and ensure your story is not forgotten.


Traditionally, life had a different pace and people had the time to sit with their loved ones and reminisce about their personal stories.

Nowadays, it is difficult to maintain this custom and sadly many of our personal histories and precious moments are being lost.

Recapture Productions was established to revive this tradition because it appreciates the fact that everyone has a story to tell.

Our passion and creativity is unrivalled when creating your digital story. We have many years of experience producing and screening digital tributes for a wide variety of clients. We capture your story and vision and blend it with our creativity and style to produce a video memory that deserves to be retold.

Contact us today to ensure that your story is never forgotten.

1. Video Snapshot

By asking you a few key questions, we are able to provide a snapshot that recaptures you in a short 4-5 minute video that is easy to share with family and friends privately, online or at your special event. This is the perfect gift for a dear parent on their birthday.


  • 30 minute interview session
  • Titles
  • Background music
  • Final video 4-5 minutes in length
  • Video upload on our web server for easy sharing
Price - $550

2. Timeless Classic

Our popular Timeless Classic life story will recapture your story in a more comprehensive manner. The interview is carried out in a half day session during which time we have a friendly chat while you walk down memory lane. The final video is usually a 30-45 minute production.


  • 1 introductory meeting  (meet & greet, explains procedure, view samples, recording date and location determined)
  • Half day recording session (set at a place and time of your preference)
  • 50-80 photos and videos
  • Titles
  • Background music
  • Final video 30-45 minutes in length
  • Elegant printed DVD with your name and photograph
  • Video upload on our web server for easy sharing (optional)

Price - $1800

3. Personal Documentary

No stone is left unturned with this life story package. Your story will be captured throughout a series of recording sessions resulting in a final 1.5 hour captivating and cohesive video memoir. This package relies on the assistance of a professional historian who will guide you and assist you in weaving your family history. The interview will incorporate additional footage and visual elements to suit your requests. You will be able to have a preview session that will allow you more control of the final movie. shorter highlights video will be available for you to share online or at private screenings with family and friends.


  • 1 comprehensive introductory meeting 
  • 7 day recording sessions (in accordance with your availability)
  • Your story/recording can incorporate friends and family
  • 150-200 photos and videos
  • Titles and credits
  • Background music
  • Archival photos and footage
  • Preview session (possible to request changes)
  • Final video 1-1.5  hours in length
  • Elegant printed DVD with your name and photograph
  • 7-11 minute highlights video of the longer production to share with friends and family (for use at family events)
  • Video upload on our web server for easy sharing (optional)

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